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El-Seawer Al-Mobtakera We are the best supplier of manufacturing straps in the Arab world Feel safe with us.

What are our products?

Conveyor and process belts

Belts optimize material movement across industries. Various sizes and materials are available for production in sectors like paper, printing, and textiles.

Homogeneous and drive belts

Two belt types: homogeneous and drive. Neoprene, polyurethane, and rubber drive belts are durable. Choose the correct belt for requirements.

Plastic Modular Belts

Plastic modular belts transport products effectively with plastic modules linked by hinge rods and sprocket-driven mechanisms. They are versatile, reliable, affordable, durable, and highly customizable.

Machine tapes

Machine tapes seal packaging securely, reduce contamination risks, and are cost-effective. They come in different types (water-activated, pressure-sensitive, and hot melt), materials (paper, polypropylene, or PVC), widths, and colors.

Power transmission belts

Belts create motion and come in rubber, polyurethane, and fabric types. Inspections, lubrication, and replacement are important for performance and longevity. Poor maintenance leads to reduced performance and failure, while good maintenance avoids issues.

Timing belts

Replace your timing belt every 60k-100k miles to prevent costly repairs or damage. Watch for warning signs like misfires, unusual noises, difficult starting or maintaining idle speed. Regular maintenance and inspections ensure reliability and longevity. Use quality parts for reliable performance.

Polyurethane round and V-belts

Polyurethane belts offer durability and versatility for commercial and industrial use. Round belts suit continuous rotation needs, while V-belts are ideal for heavy-duty applications. Both provide excellent grip, torque transfer, and flexibility for optimal performance.

Profiles, guides

Profiles are detailed analyses of individuals or groups, while guides offer systematic approaches to particular tasks. They are commonly utilized in journalism, business, and social media to highlight successes, learn new abilities, and achieve goals.


Sidewalls support, shelter and provide security with various materials, finishes and designs. Good design meets regulatory requirements, satisfies occupants' needs and showcases architecture.

Seamless rubber belts

Seamless rubber belts

Customizable rubber belts for conveyor systems with low maintenance, smooth and quiet operation, ideal for automotive, food, and pharmaceutical industries. High-quality and exceeded expectations.

Roller coverings

Roller coverings

Choose the right roller cover for best paint coating. Pile lengths vary for smooth or textured surfaces. Pick from polyester, nylon, and lambswool materials. Get uniform coverage by selecting the right cover: disposable or washable in various sizes. Durable outcome assured.

Elastomer and silicone sheeting

Elastomer and silicone sheeting

Elastomer and silicone sheets are strong and widely used in industries. Elastomers resist chemicals, heat, and wear, while silicone is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, making it safe for food and medical. Choosing the right thickness and type is crucial for safety and performance.

who are we?

El-seawer, founded in 1997 in Jeddah, is a global manufacturer and distributor of process and conveyor belts for multiple industries. With a focus on research, development, and technology, they create eco-friendly solutions that meet international standards and perform exceptionally well.

Our Mission

We provide customized, reliable and efficient lightweight belting solutions to help our customers achieve their objectives.

Our Vision

We help businesses become sustainable digitally for better efficiency, productivity, and environmental responsibility through innovation and best practices. Let's work together to make this happen!

Our Values

Successful businesses prioritize innovation, quality, safety, sustainability, personnel growth, and global engagement. These values are crucial for growth.










Some Insights

El-seawer owes its success to key contributors, whom we greatly respect and value.

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“You’ve read about the impoce of the being courageous, rebelliousi and it’s imaginative. These are all vital for ingredients in an effective advertising they must.”
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“You’ve read about the impoce of the being courageous, rebelliousi and it’s imaginative. These are all vital for ingredients in an effective advertising they must.”
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