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El-Seawer Al-Mobtakera Trading Establishment

Offers a long-term relationship and experience, not just a sale. What earned us the trust of more than 200 local and international companies in the Arab world

Company introduction

El-Seawer Al-Mobtakera is a leading company in the manufacture of belts and thermal insulators in Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1977 and has become the largest producer and exporter in the market by employing more The staff is experienced and qualified in this field and keen on continuous development

Our Mission

Our goal is to become the leading company in lightweight belting by providing dependable, customized products and services that help our customers meet their motion and automated conveyance requirements effectively. We aim to be the go-to source for tailored solutions in this field.

Our Vision

El-Seawer Al-Mobtakera seeks to occupy the first place in the Arab world and Africa in the field of manufacturing and shaping belts through Providing the best quality at a competitive price and after-sales services.

Our Values

Success in business requires prioritizing key values such as innovation, quality, safety, sustainability, personnel growth, and global engagement. By exploring new ideas and strategies and meeting high standards for products and services, businesses can stay ahead of the competition. Investing in personnel growth creates a motivated workforce committed to driving growth and innovation. Engaging globally can open up new revenue streams and collaboration opportunities.

Why We Are Your First Choice?

We believe that maintaining your success is the basis of our business and therefore we are keen to meet all the needs of the best ores and technical support continuously around the clock. The safety bike in our products is very high to keep your factory then be safe with us because your success is our success.


El-Seawer Al-Mobtakera values research and innovation as key assets for meeting demanding targets and anticipating technological advancements.


El-Seawer Al-Mobtakera prioritizes sustainability and complies with rigorous international standards, including UNI EN ISO 14001 and EMAS certifications. They develop sustainable solutions that minimize waste and energy usage, simplify disposal, and lower customers’ total cost of ownership.


El-Seawer Al-Mobtakera prioritizes quality and uses their expertise in belting to develop high-performance and sustainable solutions.

24/7 Customized Technical Support

El-Seawer Al-Mobtakera offers customized technical services globally through a customer-oriented distribution network to add value for OEMs and end-users promptly.

Total Safety

El-Seawer Al-Mobtakera solutions prioritize product and process safety in the food industry, fully complying with strict European and international regulations to protect OEMs, end-users, and consumers’ health.


El-Seawer Al-Mobtakera prioritizes human values in its mission and code of ethics, placing strategic importance on its employees’ health and safety with education, training, welfare, and remuneration programs.

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