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Our company is one of the pioneers in the Arab country in the supply of conveyor belts for factories know more about our products and our multiple service that meets all your needs

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Routine Maintenance

We provide periodic maintenance on the moving belts and motors responsible for the movement and the entire production process and are a distinct service from one of our departments.

Technical Support

We provide technical support 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet your needs of all our services and we are quick to respond to our valued customers

original parts

We know very well that the progress of the production process depends mainly on the speed of the production line so we provide you with all the original pieces to ensure the quality and continuity of your production line.

Warranty for years

Our primary goal is to continue with our valued customers and help write their fame. This continuous follow-up method from our team and assigned to customers makes us the source of trust of our customers and we are proud to do so.

Our Products.

Our company is one of the pioneers in the Arab country in the supply of conveyor belts for factories know more about our products and our multiple service that meets all your needs

Conveyor and process belts

Conveyor belts are crucial in production and need careful selection based on material, speed, and environment. Regular maintenance and cleaning prevent downtime and prolong lifespan, improving efficiency.

Power transmission belts

We provide long-lasting transmission belts and expert guidance for your industrial needs. Thank you for partnering with us for power solutions.

Roller coverings

Choose the right roller cover based on paint type, surface texture and nap size. Foam for smooth and water-based, synthetics for oil-based and rough, and natural fibers for low to medium textures.

Seamless rubber belts

Rubber belts are affordable and versatile for power transmission and conveying equipment in various industries. They come in different shapes and sizes with unique features like oil and heat resistance, making them durable and efficient.

Machine tapes

Tape machines are historically important and remain popular for their unique sound, despite digital replacements being available. They played a vital role in audio, video, broadcasting, filmmaking, and music production.

Polyurethane round and V-belts

Polyurethane belts are durable power transmission belts ideal for heavy loads & harsh environments. They offer efficient power transfer & grip with precision timing. Customizable in profile, size & color. Reliable & efficient for heavy-duty applications & automation systems.

Toothed belts

Toothed belts are tough, dependable, and popular in industries such as auto, manufacturing, and agriculture because of their sturdy materials and high torque. They are vital for power transmission and a preferred option for machinery.

Profiles, guides

Profiles, guides offers a range of PU and PVC belts with zigzag barriers, suited for all industries. They use ultrasonic welding tech with top-notch machinery. Sizes include 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 cm.

P V C belts

Technobelt's PVC belts are durable, flexible, customizable, and resistant to wear, tear, and liquids - making them popular across industries such as food processing, packaging, and logistics.

Elastomer and silicone sheeting

Choose elastomer or silicone sheeting based on their unique properties. Elastomer is durable against chemicals, temperature, and wear, while silicone is flexible and biocompatible for food and medical uses. Consider the application and environment when selecting a material.

PU belts

Technobelt's PU belts are a great choice for the food industry. They are durable, reliable, and ideal for food processing machinery. They have high performance efficiency, are easy to clean, come in different sizes and configurations, and are perfect for almost all food industries.

Rubber belts

Technobelt offers customized and durable rubber belts for bulk material conveying in multiple industries. Our belts resist harsh environments, ideal for smooth operations in agriculture and mining. Contact us to learn more.

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